A Secret Music
Uploaded on November 12, 2013

Lawrence Nolan, a gifted pianist, grows up in the shadow of his mother’s mental illness. A Secret Music is a rite of passage debut novel that brings prolific music, family neglect and numbing guilt to life in 1936 Montreal. Hindered by unwarranted responsibility and shameful secrets, Lawrence yearns to pursue his passion on the world stage.

The Ghost Garden (Coming soon)
Uploaded on November 11, 2013

In her early twenties, a friend I'd known since fourth grade, heard voices telling her to place her beloved young son's hand on the stove. Caroline Evans did not want to hurt her son, and desperately resisted. Depression had already become her companion, as reliable as the disembodied voices and harrowing hallucinations that now plagues her days. Her manic episodes, lying and delusions pushed most of her family away. years later, after committing a crime, Caroline was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I will tell the story of one sufferer from up close, allow us to witness her life in all its dirty tragic twists and turns. I want the reader to know her first as a person with hopes, dreams, and desires. Those labeled with schizophrenia live far outside the boundary of acceptance. Unchecked, schizophrenia destroys the mind, but it should not be allowed to destroy the heart. I hope to humanize a highly stigmatized condition for people who are unaware and afraid. I hope to be the voice for those who have none.