Susan Doherty Hannaford

General Information

Name: Susan Doherty Hannaford
Phone: 416-925-8887

Susan Doherty Hannaford

Susan Doherty Hannaford is a Montreal-based writer. She published a commemorative history book in 2010 for a U.S. corporation, and has recently completed her first novel, A Secret Music, with a publishing date set for Spring 2014. Her third book is a biography about an Ottawa woman who committed a crime for which she went to jail and before her diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Susan’s passions include: education, music and de-stigmatizing mental health issues, and has done 25 years of community service in those areas.

Publisher Information

Marc Côté , Cormorant Books Inc.
10 St. Mary Street,Suite 615
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1P9
Tel: 416 925 8887